Community engagement

The ethos of EnvironmentPlus International CIC is to offer meaningful and informal social learning linked to the natural environment. This focusses on strengths and informal social learning, to develop individuals and build their self confidence. This helps them to progress to other social or accredited programmes to help meet their personal employment aspirations.

EnvironmentPlus International CIC works with three main groups:

  1. Older People with limited educational background (the majority with disabilities) often living in isolated locations
  2. Younger people who have acute learning and / or physical disabilities (eg; Autism / Aspergers)
  3. Young people who have offended or are at risk of offending

As an organisation we work closely with several high profile institutions and universities. For example; European Academy Network (Brussels, Belgium) RUTIS - The University for the third sector (Portugal), Budapest University of Technology and Economics,(Hungary) Ixion - Anglia Ruskin University (United Kingdom) University of Zvollen (Slovak Republic), The Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers (Northern Ireland), The Centre for Sustainable Alternatives – CEPTA (Slovak Republic), EUNET Eurpai Együttműkdsi Hlzatort Alaptvny (Hungary) as well as others. We also have undertaken work with the Kent Probation Trust and Her Majesty’s Prison Service in the United Kingdom.

EnvironmentPlus International CIC engages with learners in their local communities, we offer opportunities to expand their horizons with further learning. We teach how things are done in other regions and from a European and International context, with specific links and experience of working in the Azores and Prince Edward Islands. We offer small groups a short educational visits to expand knowledge and offer wider learning opportunities.

The organisation specialises in offering programmes in environmental related subjects such as recycling and sustainability auditing. We also offer community focused programmes such as ancient and traditional skills, this includes Beekeeping and the production of local honey, Crafts, Embroidery and stain glass making.

Delivery is usually through practical interactive workshops working in a co-operative manner with skilled and knowledgeable staff and volunteers.