International Federation for experiential Education ‘Quality Mark’

The IFEE 'Quality Mark' is an award that promotes, celebrates, and supports excellence in Experiential Education. The 'Quality Mark' can be awarded to an organisation or establishment to recognise their provision, practice, and performance and is valid for 18 months from the date of the award.

The IFEE works with organisations and establishments by undertaking a site visit to identify best practice currently in place or alternatively, reviewing programmes which are being planned to meet student and organisational needs. The IFEE will work with a key member of your staff to ensure that international standards (we will send a copy of these to you in advance) are embedded into your activities.

How it works?

The IFEE is committed to offering the 'Quality Mark' to organisations that meet international excellence in Experiential Education. However the accreditation process will be practical, 'experiential', enjoyable, meaningful and reflective, keeping paperwork to a minimum. It is designed to have a personal, interactive and ongoing supportive relationship with applicants. Education should be fun, not bureaucratic; therefore the Federation will ensure our 'Quality Mark' is practical in nature, not about spending months on compiling endless paperwork requirements.

Can I do this?

The International federation quality mark certificate is for a wide range of organisations; Childcare providers, colleges, schools, care homes, youth clubs and voluntary & community services.

Why do this?

  1. To meet international standards and excellence through the ‘Quality Mark’
  2. To offer additional and supplementary experiential activities for students
  3. To raise organisations profile Locally, Nationally and Internationally
  4. To have the opportunity to access additional funding on achieving the ‘Quality Mark