Our Approach – the ethical way

EnvironmentPlus International CIC offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to support our nature reserves through donations and be part of ongoing ethical voluntary offsetting plus much more. Our programme ensures species and wildlife are protected and conserved, we also use the reserves for educational and research activities.

The approach of others

The past few years has seen a plethora of organisations offering a multitude of complex programmes, sometimes called ‘retiring carbon’, ‘carbon offsetting’, ‘carbon trading’ and the definitions keep changing. The majority of these programmes offer the purchase and resale of carbon often to permit pollution to take place in another place. Protection of local environments, species and wildlife are rarely mentioned, tree plantations often are dense scars on the landscape using non native species with little consideration given for biodiversity. Money is often the only motivator for these programmes and they generally fail to mention that they are purely commercial organisations using carbon as a commodity and the greater environmental damage that often occurs as a by product of their activities, is omitted from their marketing campaigns. We find this approach rather unethical, don't you?.